Liverpool Larry’s Meeting March 2024

Liverpool Larry’s Meeting Minutes


In attendance:

SLT Team: Elizabeth, Natalie, Kate, Georgia and Cat from Atos.

Welcome and Introductions

Welcome and thank you to everyone able to attend. Apologies from Steve who was unable to attend and thank you to Phil who led the meeting. Elizabeth introduced the three new SLTAs.

Previous Minutes

Elizabeth went through the previous meeting minutes regarding the search for a new meeting room and supporting new laryngectomy patients on the ward.

Feedback from SLT Team

A permanent venue has been found which will be a room in the Liverpool Library. There is funding for this to be the set room for the next year.

Elizabeth spoke about the idea of having members visit the ward to meet with new laryngectomy patients so support them as a “buddy” system, a few members have put their names down to do this so far.

Discussed plans for future meetings, including the idea of having a lunch in August to celebrate a year since the group was formed, undecided as to where this could be yet.

Committee Members Update

Thank you to Phil for leading the meeting in the absence of Steve.


Elizabeth is running the London marathon to raise money for the Liverpool Larry’s group and has set up a JustGiving page online. Sponsorship forms were also brought to the meeting and passed around for people to take for donations. If anyone else would like a sponsorship form or the JustGiving page QR code, please get in touch.

Katie and Natalie will be holding a bake and gift sale next Thursday at Aintree hospital to raise money for the group.

Website Updates

Elizabeth informed everyone that the Liverpool Larry’s group is now linked on NALC website.

Atos Film ‘Can You Hear My Voice?’

Cat from Atos came in to show ‘Can You Hear My Voice?’ laryngectomy film.

I think we were all very moved by the film, laughter, tears ( and that was just me !! ), as someone said “it was an emotional roller-coaster of a film”. I truly think everyone should watch this film if they get the opportunity, to see what people like us go through.

As a reminder here is the World Premier Trailer…

To Conclude

Thank you to everyone who attended. The next meeting will be on Thursday 4th April 2024 1:30-3pm. At the next meeting people will have a chance to share any tips or tricks with the group.

The location of the next meeting:

Liverpool Central Library

William Brown Street


L3 8EW

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