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Are you or someone close to you about to undergo a total laryngectomy OR have you already had this and would like help.
You are not alone.
Access valuable information, find guidance, and learn from others.


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The Liverpool Larrys are a support group dedicated to helping throat cancer patients and their families.
We are a warm and friendly club offering support and free advice on a wide range of subjects.
The Liverpool Larrys is open to relatives and friends too and meets monthly although please check in the News & Events section below, as sometimes things change!

The Laryngectomee Guide–My Voice & Expanded Edition

Created by Itzhak Brook MD, a physician and a laryngectomee. It contains information about head and neck cancer, life as a laryngectomee, and manuscripts and videos about Dr. Brook’s personal experiences as a patient with throat cancer.

The Laryngectomee Guide is available (Free eBook) in 24 languages and the Expanded Edition has just been added.


The Laryngectomee Guide – Excerpts

Excerpt #1

I am a physician who became a laryngectomee in 2008. I was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2006 and was initially treated with a course of radiation. After experiencing a recurrence two years later, my doctors recommended that total laryngectomy was the best assurance for eradicating the cancer. As I write this, it has been ten years since my operation; there has been no sign of recurrence.

Excerpt #2

After becoming a laryngectomee, I realized the magnitude of the challenges faced by new laryngectomees in learning how to care for themselves. Overcoming these challenges requires mastering new techniques in caring for one’s airways, dealing with life long side effects of radiation and other treatments, living with the results of surgeries, facing uncertainties about the future, and struggling with psychological, social, medical and dental issues.

Excerpt #3

I also learned the difficulties of life as a head and neck cancer survivor. This cancer and its treatment affect some of the most basic human functions, communication, nutrition, and social interaction.
As I gradually learned to cope with my life as a laryngectomee, I realized that the solutions to many problems are not only based on
medicine and science but also on experience in addition to trial and error. I also realized that what works for one person may not always work for another. 

More Information

The Laryngectomee Guide also has information about side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; methods of speaking; airway, mucus, stoma, voice prosthesis; eating and swallowing; medical, dental and psychological issues; respiration; anesthesia & travelling.

Download Your FREE EBook using the link below which will open a new tab.


Tale of a Survivor

Seven years ago, I thought I was a goner, diagnosed with a large tumour in my throat-finding it difficult to swallow, breath or even talk.

The doc said I had a virus and prescribed antibiotics but after insisting there was something very wrong (well it was the wife who insisted really after all being a man, I just went along with anything) I finally got to see a H&N specialist who tried to get a camera up my nose and couldn’t.

So, with the fateful words ringing in my ears, he said he needed to talk to the head honcho who also tried and failed.

So very quickly I was admitted into day surgery for a scan while I was anesthetised. My wife had been told to come back in a couple of hours (and so she promptly went shopping knowing I would be unconscious and not able to stop her!) On her return she was told I was in intensive care and the drama begins to unfold.


Things Don’t Always Go to Plan!

Looking back on my cancer journey, there were several times events took a course I had been determined to avoid.

I was working as a secondary school teacher and noticed some problems with my voice. Eventually, after an examination at my local hospital, I was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. My awareness of laryngectomees was confined to seeing a few individuals struggling to communicate with an electrolarynx in a supermarket or around town. I could not imagine living like that!

The cancer was stage 2 so I was happy to agree to 6 weeks of radiotherapy which went well. However after 6 months or so it was clear things were not right, the cancer was back. I had 3 choices: a total laryngectomy, a partial laryngectomy or to wait for the fat lady to start singing. Despite my earlier reservations about a laryngectomy, after a few days reflection, I opted for the total removal of my voice box. I believed it gave me the best chance of getting rid of the cancer and 20 years later it looks like one of my better decisions.


A collection of relevant video’s which many people are searching for, plus a collection of EBooks anyone can download to read later… This will be updated regularly.

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Latest News & Meetings

Liverpool Larrys hold meetings on the first Thursday of every month.

We now have a new Permanent meeting place and I believe we have this for the rest of this year, so our April meeting and all future meetings will be at the Liverpool Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool.

All are welcome and are always assured a warm and friendly time.
Please see our map below for directions to the Liverpool Central Library.

The nearest train station is Liverpool Lime Street which is approximately a 6 minute walk.
Nearby car parks include:
The Liner Carpark Liverpool, Lord Nelson Street L3 5QB – this is a 5 minute walk away.
NCP Liverpool Primrose Hill Carpark, Primrose Hill L3 2BA – this is a 4 minute walk away.
The Multi-Storey Carpark Victoria Street, Crosshall Street/Victoria Street L1 6JH – this is a 6 minute walk away.

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