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As stories of men and women reveal, before and after a laryngectomy, both the disease and its treatment forms a turning point in our lives.

We make efforts to re‐integrate into the social communities we belonged to and return to former everyday activities. We find various ways to participate in daily life again.

Nevertheless, laryngectomee’s remain persistently vulnerable after total laryngectomy, managing functional, social and health‐related issues can be very trying. As a result, many feel lost, anxious, or stressed at times. Some may be affected more than others.

As a result, we continuously manage our disabilities as well as other people’s responses to them. The disease and its treatment mean that both body and self are radically and irrevocably altered. Mentally it can be devastating!

The key… NEVER give up, NEVER give in, and try to improve our way of life, both physically and mentally every day.

Recommendations Include – Express your feelings, Connect with others, Take in the present moment, Try to make healthy diet changes, Find ways to help yourself relax, Be as physically active as you can, Live Your Life!

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