Liverpool Larry’s May Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

SLT Team: Caryn and Katie

Welcome and Introductions

Welcome and thank you to everyone able to attend. Apologies from other members. A big welcome to Caryn a Speech and Language Therapist in Head and Neck who joined us for May’s meeting.

Previous Minutes

Katie went through the previous meeting minutes regarding Laura-Jane a head and neck Speech Therapist from Sunderland joining us to discuss the 3 years research she is conducting into supporting GPS and district nurses through a training package in caring for laryngectomy patients in the community.

Feedback forms were also handed out to support the Speech and Language Therapy team in evaluating the impact the Liverpool Larry’s support group has made to those who attend.

Feedback from SLT Team

Thanks to those of you who applied to be volunteers –the interviews are up and running.

Emer Fahy (SLT) will sadly be leaving us in July to go back to her hometown of Ireland, she will be very much missed.

The new Atos rep is Yasmine Abdullah and we will arrange for her to come visit group once she is settled in.

A big congratulations to Elizabeth who completed the London Marathon in 3hrs and 56 mins! A huge thank you for all the sponsors and support she has received! An official total will be announced at the next meeting.

Committee Members Update

The bank account is official, currently waiting for a pin number and details to be posted out. Katie and Elizabeth will be transferring the money raised so far to the account. If anyone has any full piggy bank they would like to bring in, please give them to Steve or Anne. The piggy banks are not a competition of how much is collected, the group is grateful for any amount big or small. Thank you to everyone who has returned a pig.

Celebratory lunch

We discussed having a lunch to celebrate a year of the Liverpool Larry’s. The idea of having a quiet space with a long-time frame of table booking, maybe a buffet or individual plates.

The celebratory lunch will be held on Thursday 1st August 2024 approx. 1-5pm. Please confirm your attendance at the next meeting.

Katie to have a look in to venue options eg The Philharmonic pub, The Liner Hotel.

Website updates

Derek has been creating ‘The Small Steps Newsletter’, a daily dose of inspiration. Sign up for daily inspiration through the Liverpool Larry’s website! or HERE

Sign Up For Daily Inspiration

As stories of men and women reveal, before and after a laryngectomy, both the disease and its treatment forms a turning point in our lives.

We make efforts to re‐integrate into the social communities we belonged to and return to former everyday activities. We find various ways to participate in daily life again.

Nevertheless, laryngectomee’s remain persistently vulnerable after total laryngectomy, managing functional, social and health‐related issues can be very trying. As a result, many feel lost, anxious, or stressed at times. Some may be affected more than others.

As a result, we continuously manage our disabilities as well as other people’s responses to them. The disease and its treatment mean that both body and self are radically and irrevocably altered. Mentally it can be devastating!

The key… NEVER give up, NEVER give in, and try to improve our way of life, both physically and mentally every day.

Recommendations Include – Express your feelings, Connect with others, Take in the present moment, Try to make healthy diet changes, Find ways to help yourself relax, Be as physically active as you can, Live Your Life!

To give us all some inspiration please sign up for our “Small Steps” newsletter provided by in which we provide Daily Self Improvement, Health and more… thought provoking articles which will improve your mindset no end.

Sometimes, We All Need A Bit Of ‘Inspiration’

To Conclude

Thank you to everyone who attended. The next meeting will be on Thursday 6th June 2024 at the original time of 13:30- 15:00pm in the Liverpool Central Library.

Central Library

William Brown Street


L3 8EW

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